The Best Tanzanian Entertainment Blogs And Websites (2024)

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Let’s look on the top Tanzanian music blogs and websites to follow in 2024. The list based on ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority and the appearance.

Nowadays there are many active music blogs and websites in Tanzania doing good in the industry by supporting local and international artist as a streaming and easy downloading platform.

Some few years ago it was so hard to find a Tanzania song online, the artist depended only on radios and television which they find difficult reaching their fan base because it was too hard for a radios station or television to play an artist song without some amount, or it was all about who knows you.

Today, despite the rise of music streaming platforms, there are several top music blogs in Tanzania dedicated to upload latest singles from Tanzanian artiste and giving upcoming acts a platform to promote their songs.

Here are the Best Entertainment Blogs in Tanzania:

The list considers editorial observations on social presence, quality of songs, user engagement, and user surveys.



Bekaboy has evolved into the most visited Tanzanian music website, leading the way in providing music and videos on a daily basis to Tanzanians all over the world.



Djmwanga used to be the most visited Tanzanian music blog and the top music blog in the country and other music blogs copied from it. However, in recent years, it has lost some steam. Most users now turn to music streaming platforms for songs.



Yingamedia remains a good place to find the latest Tanzanian songs. The music section remains popularly updated, and it keeps in touch with the latest happenings in the Bongo Fleva music industry.

Other best music blogs include;






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